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23 Years Ago Lyrics

Album Name : Folker
Release Date : 2004-09-07
Song Duration : 5:34

Paul Westerberg 23 Years Ago

23 years ago
A boy wrecked his life
23 years ago
On a warm Texas night

Said not a word
All night in the club
'Til closing time
As I was headed for the door
Said, "You comin' or what?"
You slipped your hand in mine

Took me to your place
I said, "I'm in love with somebody
That I cannot place but that's the way it goes, honey"
Between you and me and her, there's been many
Many times our paths crossed, our paths stayed lost
If anything, it's deeper and deeper and deep

23 hours ago you called my phone
You say "Get your ass down here so we can talk"
23 years ago
I would've run every mile
But I called you in the morning
Said, "Maybe this ain't the right thing to do"
And I spend the afternoon in tears

23 years ago
A boy wrecked your life
23 years ago
On a hot Texas night
Our paths cross again and again
Sometimes five years in between... ten
There's one thing that goes unsaid
Now I'll say it out loud
Maybe you were the one I should've holded on to
Baby you was the one I should've held to
I've been through hell too
Ooo maybe, baby, baby

23 years ago
A boy wrecks his life
23 years ago
On a warm Texas night
Interlude #1
No jingle in his pockets
(?) in the wall
Father went to end
Knockin' on heaven's door
Fell in love with a dyke
Married a friend
Spent half his life wondering if it would end... it would end
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