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Drivers Wanted Lyrics

Album Name : Triangulation Station
Release Date : 2005-02-03
Song Duration : 3:30

Opio Drivers Wanted

[Intro: Opio and Souls]
Can you hear the music
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, uh uh
I got a hoe right here (right here)
You need innovation in your nation
Listen to me tell my story

Yeah, A-Plus I'm no angel
Get all up in somebody brain, it's no thang to
Givin up too much of yo' game, they gon' hang you
Have you lookin strange cause you came with the wrong angle
Ey dude, if anyone ask for me
I'm chillin with a chick makin her {?} the weed
I do it to light my load, type to explode
If the, triflin toad come to see my rifle unload
I got a hoe right here, naked in my living room
with no ID and you have no idea

The paper that I'm getting too is so high gear
That's a pro mind peer, we got a gold mine here
Eyes is red, but I'm barely lit
Steer my chariot like Secretariat
Triple crown is the foundation, flip it now or praise it
Eight times bigger how amazin, creepin out the basement

I got that Bangladesh, A-1 frame slang effect
Made her hang her dress and the ankle less
You can't gain respect jackin, we everlastin
This medication, produced with no expiration
dates - my track records take place up
Vacate my scrotum, I'm superstar nova
The more older with the art of doja
Hard composer, sharp as Moses, in the heart of Oakland

[Chorus: Opio and Souls]
Listen to me tell my story - can you hear the music
It is so important, please do not confuse me with these bitched up clowns
Kill me with these magazines, personas that personify
a manufactured image, you need innovation in your nation
Can you hear the music - listen to me tell my story
Can you hear the music - listen to me tell my story

Yeah, listen to it; man you trippin thinkin this is just some music
You gotta let it sink, get twisted to it
It's mindbendin like change and innovation
Be time hittin, with the strength of syncopation
Each line meant it, just to make 'em took some patience
Crafted, with a master's passion, put time in it
Soul searchin, scoured the earth
To reconnect and put out powers to work, check it

Check it walkin down the hallway, smokin a long J
Lookin out my window at the crooked and crippled
Enough that my temple did the migraine strain
It's all simple in the O nigga life ain't changed
But my aim at the range made vast improvements
Cowboys and Indians, the Browns don't do shit
Useless, I let my essence make miracles
F..ck with Hieroglyphics, the universe be hearin you
S.O. in the acronym, hustle cause we have to win
It's time for some action write rhymes with my black pen
Peep, that, I'm all about the rap life
Run into the airport, tryin to catch the last flight
Quick, fast, back to the laboratory
I can add this story to my rap book then record it
Right on time, I used to bust mine
Down at 7-6-2, you remember this crew
I would never mislead you, I'm runnin the points
They got a license to carry and a gun in the joint
I'm tryin to kill that noise, build and destroy
Channel your energy cause I'm not your enemy

Can you hear the music..
You need innovation in your nation..
Listen to me tell my story..
Listen to me tell my story..