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Soundtrack To My Thought Process Lyrics

Album Name : Triangulation Station
Release Date : 2005-02-03
Song Duration : 2:26

Opio Soundtrack To My Thought Process

My nigga P. Cubano, hail from Santiago
He said pass me that bottle of rum, we make mojitos
And puff some Monte Cristos while we listen to James Brown
"King Heroin" pumpin out the JVC now
As I sip my drink, begin to think about where I'm at
Tip the ashes off my cigar, and start to trip on trap
doors that await me, but lately, my Spidey Sense
been tinglin, fingerin out the snakes
See I move with experience, choose and select
Smoke with no filter, hickeys on my neck
Scratches on my back from rough sex but what's next
Goin through my cycles of 7 I retrospect
Remember when it first hit me, me Phest' and Kenny
Pushin down Ocean Boulevard in a renty
Ha ha, it's a brand new year, hear me?
And I'm about to get mine the harder way
Penny for my thoughts you crazy, I'm the author that illustrate
heart attack with pen and pape, can't escape
Might I be the greater innovator of the rhyme scheme
My mindstate like a lighthouse in the fog
Beamin - slicin through the haze
While I'm puffin on purple, I circumvent the maze
They premeditate like a rat in a cage
I'm like Sly Stone, Cobra, my hands on the gauge
Blastin off stage in a haphazard way
But still hit the fat bastard with accura-cy
Sayin why oh why did I need cappucino
He ran up in the Starbucks with a gat in his pea coat
Havin flashbacks of seminary back in the East
O got robbed workin Baskin Robbins 15 years old
He told me reach for the sky
Now inside my palm lies the cosmos, the omniscient prognosis
that I'm strong encodin peyote poetry
Ain't Jodeci, O to Z, oversee
Overstand, this ain't corporate sized, just more precise
And go blaow like the discharge from a 45

Everytime I touch this mic you know I put my heart into it
Formulatin orchestrate record and make the art of music
Populations occupations 'cross the nation God forsaken
Pop my tape in watch me elevate with this new shit
Words of wisdom in the kitchen cookin up this energy
Wolfgang Cluck can't f..ck with my recipe
Heard your engine burstin pistons plus you got a slow leak
"Third Eye Vision" premonition, better listen closely

[repeat to fade]
Who is he.. could it be O-Blinzy