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Starshine Rainbow Lyrics

Album Name : Flying Through the Air
Release Date : 2008-04-18
Song Duration : 3:40

Oliver Onions Starshine Rainbow

Some [lies] are trying to tell me
I'll never see another day
it's gonna be my darkest sunrise
'cause tomorrow slip away

(bridge 1)
whenever I feel down and out
there's a light [about] the skyline

here comes my starshine rainbow
his sparkling colours
and all my troubles disappear like bubbles
open in my mind

starshine rainbow
our shining daylight
oh let it grow
reaching out for me
reaching out for you
it's so good to know
it's starshine rainbow time

(verse 2)
some days are full of nightmares
and secret shadows hauntin' you
and waste of time till you discover
this is just a point of view

(bridge 2)
don't go on feeling kind of blue
let me show you there's a lifeline

(chorus) repeat x2

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