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Brotherly Love Lyrics

Album Name : Oliver Onions - Bud Spencer / Terence Hill Greatest Hits
Release Date : 1994-10-17
Song Duration : 3:44

Oliver Onions Brotherly Love

When I wake up in the morning
I find out that I've been fighting all night long
As I touch the floor with my feet
I realize I'm down in the street
Have to go
Yeah you break up my days
And you break up my nights
And there's nothing I can do for now
People think I'm mad
If I talk to myself
And there's nothing I can do for now
Brotherly love
I don't know what to do
Brotherly love
Haven't got time
Brotherly love
Making my days so blue
Brotherly love
Still on my mind
When I pour the tea in my cup
I'll go on and on and won't stop such a flood
I just don't know what I'm thinking in fact
I know what I'm thinking just of you
Yeah you break up my days

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