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From The Infinite Forge Of Time Lyrics

Album Name : The Nightspectral Voyage
Release Date : 2012-02-02
Song Duration : 7:34

Obsidian Gate From The Infinite Forge Of Time

Like a blistering stream, the black spirits still surround the planet
since the kingdom was in slumber, deep in the earth itself.
When the cosmos expanded again, the old kings awakened
to recreate the forces of a black earth
by the heat of unnatural fire.

All which existed in the cosmos,
it all died away by their powers
long ago, when the time was yet unborn
and life was to serve their demon-gods.
Of pure blackness, their spirits were made,
and of evil were their names.
Created to rule and not to be ruled,
to create, to rule and to devastate...

And the black kings created surface
to walk upon, to exhaust what dwells,
so the hights of invincible mountains
and the deep valleys became born.

Between them, they made the seas
to submerge and to hide their treasures.
Endless oceans to drown all light
in the everblackness enemy to the flesh.

Eternal darkness for thousands of years
when their flesh returned to the soil of earth.
Children of the black kings and the dragoness.
Sons of the ancient demons.
A new chapter in time now has begun,
the conquest for the universe itself.
The great ancient fathers of a dark genesis
will lead their hordes among the nightworld.

Awake again, O ancient kings,
reveal thy secret pathways
through the vast universe where stars die
in the infinite forge of time.

From the infinite forge of time,
from the dimensions unseen in light
they united their semen to breed
a supreme being, on all souls to feed...

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