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Next New Craze Lyrics

Nuts Can Surf Next New Craze

its the next new craze .
frito lays .
raving mad empty ice cream trays .
jelly bean .
makin a seen .
new wave cereal nerve gas dream .
itchy skin .
scuba fin .
rubbin ya head on a safty pin .
rubber dome .
paper chrome .
lickin your shoulder in the old folks home .
time to tell .
if I feel swell.
plastic boot wearin diamond demons in hell .
Oklahoma on my shoulder .
I don't think the rap buggy is movin along .
olha man .
in the sand.
wax lips batteries in my hand .
the draw is shut .
kickin butt .
I don't think its cool but I lost my hut .
at the park place shopping center mini mall little store .
convenience opening Lincoln cabinet goin back to the ground
runnin back freestylin like a Spanish noodle.
 I'm goin down down to the ground but you don't see me no because I
don't have no eyelids or any clothes on the tapes around my thumbs
and my fingers and the papers on the floor.
plastic corn its flyin it around like an old pen or an old man who just lost
his job I don't have a life or balance control
echoing chamber like an orange bowl
I'm goin goin down being here, yeah
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