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Plastic Refrain Lyrics

Nuts Can Surf Plastic Refrain

I dipped my fingers into the cup.
I ate a bug and it made me sick.
Stealin' machines from the factories.
Drinkin' water out of the bowl.
"Ode to my lawnchair" to ease the pain.
Stop me when I'm rockin' to a plastic refrain.
Leaving themselves out to dry.
Burnin' the candy cane.
Stuck to the ceiling like styrofoam.
Throw a wrench into the works.
Sonic saw-dust and a frozen dime.
In the heart of a light house chicken brick.
Steal the bitch don't mean shit.
When you stare at me with your crooked eye.
Wooooooo        wooooo     woooo woooo
(c) 1997 Dellfold Entertainment

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