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I Should Say Lyrics

Album Name : Borrowed Time
Release Date : 2011-09-06
Song Duration : 3:15

Nothington I Should Say

She says I need to change.
I know the meaning now.
I need to rearrange myself to turn it all around.
I know it's not that simple.
Seeing eye to eye.
I'm climbing through the rubble now.
Someday I'll know I tried.

And all I can say is things are different now.
All I can hope for is to make it up somehow.

So, I know you know I should I'm sorry,
'cause I'm the one to blame.
I know it's always the same.
I should say I'm sorry.

She woke up late at night.
I was shaking on the floor.
I pushed the envelope too far.
I can't do this anymore.
I always let it win,
the struggle in my head.
Self-medicating myself till I'm half an inch from dead.

All I can say, it's got to be different now.
All I can hope, just to make it up somehow.

All I can say, I've said.

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