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The Ocean Lyrics

Album Name : Roads, Bridges, and Ruins
Release Date : 2009-10-06
Song Duration : 2:57

Nothington The Ocean

It's wearing at your soul
Success, failure, the rest
The forty plus you work
leaves you bitter, discontent
we're so cold
our hearts so dearly need to be sewn
We both are so cold
To follow is to submit to be a clone
We weren't the first ones to learn
Your traditions are fuel to burn
Won't be the last ones to move
away from your false reason, we go

So now you're moved on
Well I'm still here
You're grown up by now
and I remain queer
We're so cold
lose our decisions to instinct alone

The last ones to move on
I love the ocean
'cause only there do my fears seem small
I love the ocean
'cause only there do my fears seem...

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