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Until Everything Explodes Lyrics

Album Name : Hidden In the Light
Release Date : 2010-07-28
Song Duration : 3:16

No Guts No Glory Until Everything Explodes

We'll rise until everything explodes,
looking for the upturn like nothing happened.
Lives and profits in the balance,
fake good intentions to hide your face.
One more occasion to maximize,
human resources are minimized.
Fired in the name of alleged hard times when benefit explodes.
You smell like blood, don't try to hide
the role you played in that f..cking game.
Who can believe your words about sustainability, you never cared!
The North suffers, the South dies.
You say you care but who makes any changes?
Work for less, but harder and faster,
focus the dead leaves of the Autumn.
And seasons change and the media talks
about peoples' scandals and popular rock.
You lie, they die... Who cares? Lies again.
And nothing will change if you can't change yourself.
I can see a dead hope, can't you f..cking see it?
I can see a dead hope rising against their cruelty...

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