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Lonely World Lyrics

Njomza Lonely World

The ocean dried, I'm here
Can't see what's in found
What was ours is now yours
You took my ceiling and my floor

I got nothing left, since the day that you left
Just a glass of full potion
Making everything that I see
Move slow motion

I have what I see
What you wouldn't succeed
Killing me slowly but surely knowing
That your life is so perfect without me

Hit the jay one more time
Cause I'm on the cloud
To a place I call home
Making every part of me numb, I'm feeling

And I, and I, I can't take it
No I, no I, I won't make it
Thought I, thought I'd be okay
But I'm cursed that way
To a lonely world
To a lonely world

Same me, shoot me, asking me out
Leave me somewhere where there's no one around.

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