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High Lyrics

Njomza High

[Verse 1: Njomza]
Baby just light it up and take a puff
Hit it one more time til u get enough
And I'll be waiting right here
It's all for you my dear
Baby let's not fight
Let's set the mood right
Keep floatin' movin slow
Tonight you're winning we gon get

[Hook x2: Njmoza]
High, high, high
We gon get ...

[Verse 2: Njomza]
Baby if you would just let me
Make u feel the ecstasy
I'll show u what youve never seen
Ride all night know what I mean
Maybe it's not right
But tonight you are my light
Keep floatin movin slow
Tonight youre winnin we gon get

[Verse 3: Njomza]
We gon get high baby
Ima be ur lady
Got me goin crazy
My eyes low real lazy
While my mind is hazy
Ima let you raise me higher

[Bridge x2: Njomza]
I won't let you touch the ground
I won't let you come back down

[Hook x2]

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