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The Bitter End Lyrics

Album Name : The Fashion of Fear
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Song Duration : 3:28

Nim Vind The Bitter End

Halfway into Madness
Walls are closing in on my lonely world
And it gets me down the highway to the
end of town
Halfway into Madness
That roiling Black Sky tattooed all my life
And it gets me down to somewhere deep down
Sometimes that's what you call
a 'Teen Heart Throb'
Trapped in the moment in time

And that's the time when his Heart Stops
And you get lost in the memory's eyes
And that's the Heart's frantic pace
Reach out to the memory's arms
And feel it Vanish

Halfway into Madness
A loneliness' that gets you down
the deepest dream
Sends you into something you still
don 't understand
Sometimes, Somehow, the Madness
of that Hour
That Trouble you'll find
You'll find it and you know that it
will change you

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