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Screaming Lyrics

Newtown Neurotics Screaming

Somewhere out in that god forsaken night
time was running out for you
and as I dropped exhausted into bed
the global atmospherics carried news
I'd been out to long
too tired to turn the radio on
all I wanted was sleep......
Now listen, I'm not one for worshipping the past
it's deceitful and plays tricks apon the mind
but to ignore it would be just as bad
as pretending you've no nose between your eyes:
I awoke to the phone
"Good start to the day" I moaned as I got out of bed
I stood in the freezing cold
listening to your solemn tone
as you told me he was dead.

I felt like screaming, I felt like losing control
Adrenaline shot from my head to my toes
I had a feeling as the tears poured out
a tingling sensation crept over my scalp.
I read the newspapers, those bastions of lies
and wondered how much of it was true
'cos in the past they seemed to take delight
in writing loads of rubbish about you
soon they'll advertise shoddy products and merchandise
the final fortunes of fame
IMAGINE you've no privacy throughout your waking life
every careless word and rash remark held up towards the light
every movement, every posture, every smile and every turn
is documented carefully for the world.
Whilst in the FBI a dossier has come to light
It's existence is finally proved
Watch the ones who spat in his face
bend over backwards to say he was great
They've turned the final screw.....

Screaming, screaming, screaming......
How can you morn for a single man
when thousands die every day
Well.. a powerful voice for human rights
has been stopped from having its say.

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