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The Era Of Pureness Lyrics

Album Name : Black Medieval Art
Release Date : 2007-09-04
Song Duration : 5:36

Nerthus The Era Of Pureness

Strengthened woods and wildlife
have reconquered their lands.
Marks of the civilized ailment
have disappeared long ago.
Pureness rules the world.

A shrewd wise and gifted race
lives in unison with venerable mother earth.
They proudly revere their ancestors' courageous men.
Three cheers to the glorious black troops!
Never again - in eternity - any dull greeds arse-hole
shall rule anywhere on this earth.

Pureness rules the world.

(Triumphant laughter)

(Repeat 2nd verse of six lines)
(Repeat 1st verse of five lines)
(Repeat 2nd verse of six lines)

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