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The Black Fortress Lyrics

Album Name : Black Medieval Art
Release Date : 2007-09-04
Song Duration : 2:41

Nerthus The Black Fortress

Proudly the stronghold's powerful walls
are rising to the thundery sky.

Towers and flags are almost appearing
to touch the mighty dark threatening clouds.

Built on a high elevation of rock -
it never has been in the enemy's hands.

(Repeat first verse of two lines)

From the towers the iron-clothed knights
are able to watch for miles and miles.

Built with the loss of hundreds of men -
it must not fall into the enemy's hands.

(Repeat first verse of two lines)

From far away the watchers perceive
the forward-movement of hostile troops.

Built of granite-blocks with hundreds of pounds -
sweat and blood flow through many decades.
Each soldier has sworn to defend it till death -
it never will fall into the enemy's hands!

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