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Swerve & Lean Lyrics

Album Name : The Humdinger
Release Date : 2008-08-05
Song Duration : 4:12

Nappy Roots Swerve & Lean

[Verse: Skinny Deville]
If them niggas wanna play
Let them ball till fall dog
Me, I want it all, y'all
From here to Californi-a
Hit the button, get the On-star
Pull up if your front yard
And f..ck up your ordinary day
It's the N-A-P-P-Y, y'all
On the grind 'cuz time's hard
Find me sippin' Grand Marn-ier
At the bar with a bad broad
Yes I drive a fast car
Holla if you're tryin' to get laid
That's on my son, Billy Kay
Best believe I'ma get you paid
And represent the motherfuckin' K
How I was raised, that's the way
And you live by this shit, then you die by the same
I ain't trippin', puttin' half on the Jane
I'm gettin' good about this math and even better 'bout my change
I hug the lane like I'm drivin' with the wide load
I'm comin' down, country clean, forever bona fide, ho

[Bridge (2X)]
So whatcha know about it?
Ain't nothin' slow about it
That boy sure got it
Give a f..ck about nobody

[Chorus (2X)]
Swerve and lean
Swerve and lean
Swerve and lean
Bounce with it, bounce with it

[Verse: Skinny Deville]
Yeah, Skinny pull in a Range
Not the sport, but the big body
Supercharged, 24 inches, leather with the wood grain
Sunshine or the rain, ain't a motherfucking thing
Hit a button, watch it take off like a plane
For the cash, not the fame
I'm the last one to laugh and get it all 'fore the fat lady sings
See me shine without the bling
Got a bitch to wear my diamonds and I got a watch they call a bright Lane
Country clean on the right team
Some haters want to fight me
But I ain't got nothin' but the flame
That's so bright from my forty cal' ri'
'Fore you run your mouth
Change your face like L'Oreal, dang
That nigga sly with his slang slump
Fifty-five, don't give a f..ck
Especially 'bout no sucker ass, lame
I come and snatch your lil' chain
Put a hundred on the situation that you won't do a damn thing

[Bridge (2X)]

[Chorus (2X)]

[Verse: Skinny Deville]
Yo, they try to call me in-sane
The way I flip it up the wall, man
Bitches on my dick, 'specially 'cause the way I let my nuts hang
They call me billy big balls
Ain't shit she can tell me dog
I'm raw for seven, twenty-four, damn
I know I'm worth a couple hundred grand
And I ain't spittin' another verse until I got my money in my hand
And we gon' stick to the plan
Swerve and lean on these suckers
Makin' sure you city slickers understand
That the dollars never made the man
Plain as day they never did
Nappy's what I represent
I run this shit, call me Skinny D, the president
Drop it down so effortless
I'm slummer than you've ever been

[Bridge (2X)]

[Chorus (2X)]

[Chorus (2X)]

Bounce with it, bounce with it
Bounce with it, bounce with it

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