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Where Good Intentions Go To Die Lyrics

Album Name : Unsettled
Release Date : 2007-03-13
Song Duration : 3:59

Nakatomi Plaza Where Good Intentions Go To Die

Scripted and proscribed.
Read , just not between the lines.
Did they learn you how the ancient
Grip, it drags and drips
Justify when he injects, (coat the spine) with
empty threats, (warm) ignorant bliss (applied)
Applied by one absent iron fist.
There's a factory, a ministry
A pyramid scheme greased complicit
(Pump out meaning on the cheap) so you can afford
To feel that stigmata burn, (let the)
Blood from your wrists as a working cure
To heal the unworthy others
Who don't bleed in metaphor.

Can you feel the love?
seals your lips with the word.
God is a shout in the street
like you never heard.

Scripted and proscribed.
Read, just not between the lines
(Like I used to). Like you still do
Lean your fevers on the fence
Hedge your bets with confidence
Part the velvet rope with one command
So you won't see me there.
(I'll be relaying facts on the ground
Your messages postmarked for the clouds)
Returned, (confirmed) without a sound.
Sweating everyday miracles
Banking bad luck on ritual
This ship of sentimental fools
Is on its way out,
(And we're going down)

Drop the lead that lines our pockets
Break the promise that keeps us honest:

The worst, it won't last long
The best is yet to come.
The worst won't last long
The best is yet to come.

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