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Use Me Lyrics

Album Name : Home Is Where the Heart Breaks
Release Date : 2010-02-05
Song Duration : 6:48

My Glorious Use Me

Someone's gonna die tonight, no matter what it takes
Someone thinks obedient's a bomb around the waist
Someone hopes the will of god is buried in this plan
Someone volunteered, it's an honour here I am

Use me

Someone's carrying a gun to enter into war
Someone's fighting for a cause that seems worth dieing
Someone chants a speech of hope to fight uncertainty
Pride and glory to this land we'll save a world that's

Use me

Oh, if you wanna use someone
If you gonna use someone, use me

Someone's gonna die tonight for being who he is
Someone's face is different, wounded by a kiss
Someone's carrying a weight that someone else has lost
Someone's gonna die tonight, I'll do it, use me

If you wanna use someone, if you wanna use someone
If you wanna use someone, if you wanna use someone
Oh yeah, if you wanna use someone

Use me

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