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It's Love When Lyrics

Album Name : Home Is Where the Heart Breaks
Release Date : 2010-02-05
Song Duration : 3:41

My Glorious It's Love When

I give you my life
For all this time
I give you my life
Not as a sacrifice
We melt into one
Like candles on fire
We melt into one
So go steady
Cause what you take from me
Will be torn from me

I show you my eyes
Look in the mirror of my soul
I'll open my eyes
Only for you
I loosen my grip
That I keep on my old self
Dribble right into it
What you think of me
Drip it over me, soak me slowly

It's love when it hurts you
It's love when it cost you a heart
It eats into your skin and
Each tear that you cry, creates a scar

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