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Steel City Lyrics

Album Name : How to Call a Bluff
Release Date : 2009-05-05
Song Duration : 5:04

My Favorite Highway Steel City

She phones home, composed, a bit panicked
Hesitates to confess she misses the Atlantic
The gulf streams, the palm trees, the car keys that
took you away
She tries to explain, oh boy

I wanna be fixed, I wanna be broken
I wanna be closed, I wanna be open
The love I thought had died is still alive and I hope
that you don't mind

She says December will help me remember
The place that my heart calls home
When the pale city lights are aglow
And my heart's feeling empty and cold
Well there's one place I know that I'm dying to be
Steel City, you'll always be a part of me

No, it's not what you said, and it's not how you said
But it all came undone the moment you meant it
I honestly can't believe coincidence and possibility
could sway
But I'll try and explain, baby

I wanna be fixed, I wanna be broken
I wanna be closed, I wanna be open
When stars and hearts align I'm sure you'll come to
find the love we had was blind

Searching for something you need
And as you fall to the floor you crawl to your knees
Reach out for something you see
It's like she was never there
You breathe in and hold the air
Like an unanswered prayer

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