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The Chase Lyrics

Album Name : How to Call a Bluff
Release Date : 2009-05-05
Song Duration : 4:04

My Favorite Highway The Chase

Even though it's hard to hear the truth
It's every little thing that makes you move
There is a reflection in the mirror you don't believe
Darling it's so hard to understand
I wish that I could fix how you feel instead
Baby, why'd you do that
I can see through that
Give it a chance

You can't just disappear
I'm begging you to come on out, come on out
I promise that the coast is clear

I don't mind the chase
Baby, you're lost out there in a different place
And I can't get to you
But I'll do what I have to

Every little piece you pick apart
You've hidden in a corner of your heart
There is a perfection in the mirror that you don't see
Darling, it's an awful lot to give
A memory you chase, but you can't relive
Well maybe you're supposed to
Baby, you're close to letting me in

You never could quite honestly explain how much it
means to you
You're doing everything they asked you to
There's a part of you that you wish you knew
Every escape you thought you could make
No, you did not think it would show
Darling, it was all too much way too slow

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