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Bad Habits Lyrics

My Favorite Highway Bad Habits

Is it wrong to assume that you missed me?
Because the look in your eyes says
That you're dying to kiss me
The touch of your lips is tasteful and forgiving
A part of the past that I don't mind reliving
Just get in the car, well don't you think
That we're taking this a little to far
Don't ask me questions, show me answers
The policy is honesty and nothing is censored

Nobody wants to, but everyone needs to come clean
While we break bad habits
Try and be good when you're misunderstood
Trade one heart for another
Stop, just hit the breaks, I've had all I can take
The need to compensate for all our mistakes
We fake the love we make
What you get is what you take

Well it's cruel to be kind, but you're to kind to be
And you've never had a problem with me playing the fool
It's perfectly fair if you're fully aware
And I wouldn't dare it's a secret, I swear
You've never been the one to let down your guard
But this is my game face and I'm playing the right
You're so selfish you're already sweating
Staring down the barrel of a shotgun wedding

It's over now
All that you gave is fading out
Nothing is as it was

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