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Fine Lyrics

Album Name : Never Trust the Chinese
Release Date : 2008-06-14
Song Duration : 4:03

Mr. Meeble Fine

feeling blurred, worn and thin
my foundation seems unmade
in a step i could be blown away
words are playing in my head
i’ve forgotten what you said
for a moment
then i’m reminded

despite the things i say i’m fine
i’m just so cynical at times
no need to wonder if i’m fine
i used to have no hope but now i’m really trying
and though i feel i can’t go on sometimes
i should be happy and thank god
that i can live and i can breathe
and i can find the way and know that i’m fine

moving closer standing still
am i changing? am i the same?
destination lost and found for me
words colliding in my head
but i remember what you said
for the moment, i feel free

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