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100 Pills Lyrics

Album Name : Never Trust the Chinese
Release Date : 2008-06-14
Song Duration : 7:28

Mr. Meeble 100 Pills

remember when we ran away to be one
to make promises
i’ll be your love to the end
i never thought the end would come this way
that’s for the other ones
in a different place on a different day
remember walking through the cambridge grass
it was cold that day
i was so alive
now i’m dead and cold in a different way
i remember almost every word
and every smile you gave

what am i supposed to feel
how am i supposed to swallow this
it’s like one hundred pills
doing their best to climb out of my mouth
everything’s gone south
f..cked it up for real
what am i supposed to feel

in the end you sank the shiv that sank me
one flesh torn in two
one mouth less left to feed
now i’m walking wounded through these scenes
now you’re free, so fly
don’t think twice or wave goodbye
hold the pain, refrain, shame on me
should have pulled it out by now
but i savor the sting
life’s a funeral and an empty bed
i have taken mine a hundred times
will i bury you instead

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