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Human Lyrics

Album Name : Singers
Release Date : 2005-09-06
Song Duration : 5:09

Mount Eerie Human

Human, human
Where did your life go?
And how do you live and forget that you died?
Human, human;
You were not proud before,
You did not used to talk so loud.
Human, human;
You animal, just remember that
Human, human;
There are still songs at night,
There are still sounds in the mines below.
Let's get out of the romance.
Human, human -
You will not, and I will never, be free
From the weight of our living
The load that our lungs have to lift,
The armour we wear, though we are weary, we fight
Human, human,
But you were a baby too, we did not used to be so proud.
Human, human.
I know the world looks wide,
So wherever you go, over and over, just keep saying:
"You win! You win!"
Don't destroy me, but go right through me
Take my home and my wife
Human, human.
Your generous lungs billow warmth.

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