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Fun Blues Lyrics

Motosierra Fun Blues

Well, I'm walking down the street!, 3 p.m. and have a
beer All those people look so dead HEY,HEY! They're gonna
suicide, And it's O.K! It's OK! I keep smoking marihuana,
Always do what I wanna, And I don't feel like everyone, I
wanna have some fun, Have some fun! Have some fun There
is too much paranoia, You don't want to be an umployed,
But I'm not like everyone, I WANNA!! HAVE SOME FUN! Have
some fun!... AND WHAT ABBOUTT YOUUU!! I quit my JOB! Good
for me! I'm getting DRUNK! Good for me! I'll f..ck the
COPS! Good for me! And my boss, government, teenage
chicks, Anal Sex!! And my f..ckin' mom and dad...
BULLSHIT!! Now I have fun!

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