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F.u.c.k. Lyrics

Motosierra F.u.c.k.

I say GODDAMNN! It's you again
Sellin' shit to all your f..ckin' friends
Everynight on the radio station
Trying to tell me what's the last sensation
You Motherfucker!, You Motherfucker
So f..ckin' bored!
Party boys and sweet party girls
Followin' you to Nowhere Land
You think you're smart
You think you're cool
I only wanna dynamite you
You Motherfucker!, You Motherfucker!,
So f..ckin' bored!
I know we look like living deads
But we saw people rise and fall again
We got no class, we got no style
But sure we know how to KICK YOUR ASS!
Don't give a f..ck for you!
Don't give a f..ck for you!
Don't give a f..ck!
Don't give a f..ck!
Don't give a f..ck!, f..ck!, f..ck!, f..ck !
Yeah, f..ck it

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