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The Seed Lyrics

Album Name : Mother Tongue
Release Date : 2009-06-25
Song Duration : 7:14

Mother Tongue The Seed

She's got a seed in the belly
She waters it with the smoke all day
She knows the name of the planter
She's damned she's ever gonna say

Well the seed became a baby
Born shakin' crazy for a fix
And mother's jonesin' too
So in a week it's back to the tricks

She says "Look at me, stare
Come on daddy, f..ck me
If you dare
Can't you see I'm crazy
Yeah, sugar daddy
I'm gone"

She's home in the doorway
She's got some paper for a roof
She's got a lie she believes in
Swears to God, man
It's the truth

She's got some bushes for a toilet
She's got a fountain for a pool
She's got a shopping cart
Keeps her wings and pretty jewels

Can't you see I'm crazy?
I need you to love me
Come on daddy, f..ck me
I need you to love me

So make way for the seed
Come on make room for the seed
Year, sugar daddy give a little for the seed
For the seed

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