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Nightmare Lyrics

Album Name : Streetlight
Release Date : 2002-06-07
Song Duration : 3:28

Mother Tongue Nightmare

What´s he gonna dream tonight
This world´s a nightmare
Don´t tell him that you understand
´Cause you and i don´t come from his land
So look out dream ´cause here comes your nightmare
Here he comes

Here comes your nightmare c´mon

From birth he was blamed and shamed
Beaten and battered, but no one complained
His heart was taken and his future was maimed
But no one cared ´til he was a threat
This nightmare you won´t forget, no you won´t

Here comes your nightmare! c´mon
Here comes your nightmare! and he don´t care

Is it any wonder he crashed like thunder
When it was the nightmare that he grew up under
Here comes the nightmare at the B of A
Here comes the nightmare at the ATM
Here comes the nightmare coming to your car now

Here comes your nightmare! c´mon
Nightmare! Nightmare!

Song Meanings for Nightmare

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