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Ectoplasm Lyrics

Album Name : Buried In Time
Release Date : 2013-09-17
Song Duration : 4:33

Mortuary Drape Ectoplasm

In this fulcrum of convergent forces
Nothing moves,nothing seems to live in darkness
The four winds are now breathing with us
Spirit's procession,begins from past

Again,body stars are falling
Again,spirit's voices & shadows,
In life,jusy illusion of peace
In death endless pleasure for being,
Alive & dead

Ectoplasm The sky is your grave
In the vertical wind
The non materia power
Double life desire

Fluidic body,In so dark the sky
Pwer of candle enlights them
There's no way to understand their will
Just another night,to explode
In torment & pain

Ectoplasm Horror life & death
Behind the judgement of scythe sait
The non materia power
Double life desire

Trying to escape in all direction invain
No one knows his obscure intention of pain
In a vertical fly in a terrible falling no door....

Finally his fluidic light can't vanish, no more

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