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Crosses In Graveyard Lyrics

Album Name : Buried In Time
Release Date : 2013-09-17
Song Duration : 8:01

Mortuary Drape Crosses In Graveyard

Welcome to my funeral,the first step has been done
In the hearse I lie down & shelter among four
In front of me the rainbow is still the last farewell
to this life
An hail to death I'm bewildered about my condition
Look at my body,look at my coffin
What happened to my body,what has been of my soul
Double shade of soul drama
There's silence among those present an
I'm gaining round in burial procession
So I'm not wrong...they're crosses in graveyard
Who cares if they know or not
Looks like the death built this place
As to say "We are with you"
I'll come back telling you the story of the cross
All those crosses,talk about themselves
Sometimes they sing,sometimes they cry
Understand the symbol of the cross
What's the secret concealed
There are many things in the place called death
I don't know if anything but this...
I rest in solitude with a sense of fear,in an inner
silent void
Dead carry my cross & my flame,stare confused united
To the procession of shadows going toward the
veil,mortal decay
Is this my new state,or it's the coming one
The real things of the funeral are graveyard crosses
The ones concerning life,or the ones concerning death
Again the veil in front of me
Like when I'm wrapped in you mortuary drape
You have revealed & shown an unknown doom
It's a return to death's dawn,death's revenge
Necrobell toll,ancestral force
Resting with a doubt
Silently deep darkness
Misantropic feeling

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