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Hardware Lyrics

Album Name : The Silver Cord Is Severed
Release Date : 2006-08-15
Song Duration : 6:02

Mortification Hardware

Hardware, tools we need to build new life
Hardware, rusted veins need revive
Hardware, holes in our mind of pain
Hardware, the word of life in our brain
Just take a walk down the narrow road
Ignore exits, stay on course
The road map leads the way
To life in a brighter day
Nine more hours to a new millennium
Stop on the roadside pray a prayer
Time to reflect on my past life
Drive again to make a new start
Trouble playing on the record player
Somber sounds on a cloudy day
Run to the light they sing with hope
Searching for a brighter day
Tools of the word a timeless help
Milleniums pass, all things change
Like the vinyl on the record player
Old things pass but the hardware stays

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