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Raise The Chalice Lyrics

Album Name : Scrolls Of The Megaloth
Release Date : 2010-08-24
Song Duration : 4:48

Mortification Raise The Chalice

Effectual fervent supplication
Of the righteous
Remember your Lord's death
Repentance and remembrance
(James 5:16)

Raise the chalice
Blood flowing veins
Shredded flesh symbol
Bread of pain

Self examination, before you partake
Wish you hideous thoughts
You must now part

If you eat and drink
In an unworthy manner
You eat and drink
Judgement on yourself
[1 Cor. 11:27]

You cannot drink the Lord's cup
And the cup of demons
Double minded man
Unstable in all ways
[1 Cor. 10:21, James 1:8]

Unless you eat the flesh
Of the son of man
Unless you drink the blood
You have no life in you

Do this in remembrance of me
[John 6:53]

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