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Sold Lyrics

Album Name : Wake
Release Date : 2010-08-24
Song Duration : 6:22

Mortal Sold

no rea$on to wound me again
i'm much too tired of pleading
i'm bleeding for you
$till you cut me!

four $ea$on$ poignant with change
blind and deafer than dead
what you crave i$ to $tay the $ame
$top and li$ten to me!

there'$ nothing le$$ beautiful
i'm $old, $old
there'$ nothing more pitiful
than $elling the $acred

twi$ted ambition feeding your power
my pain
but i've been bought with a price
and no one can take that away
no, not from me!

there'$ nothing le$$ wonderful
you're $old, $old
there'$ nothing more $ini$ter
than $elling your brother

there'$ nothing more pititful
than $elling the $acred
than $elling your brother
than $elling your Saviour

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