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Mother's Day Lyrics

Album Name : Wake
Release Date : 2010-08-24
Song Duration : 4:14

Mortal Mother's Day

she is someone
easy to believe in
my mother, my faith
she is moonglow when the night has fallen
my pathlight, my way
i could not wait, why should i wait
to tell her

she is shelter
when the storms are coming
my weather, my rain
she is destination
when i'm always running
i love her that way
i could not wait - how could i wait
to tell her

and though i've shown her many times
the love she's brought into my life
i'll never know how much it would mean
if i had told her everything

she's someone easy to remember
i've loved her that way

how could i wait, how could i wait?
we cannot second guess our fate

Song Meanings for Mother's Day

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