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Voodoo River Lyrics

Album Name : Louisiana Jukebox (Single Release)
Release Date : 2001-01-01
Song Duration : 6:30

Moon Martin Voodoo River

There's a queen I know
Named Maria Laveau
Livin' in a home
Made of skin and bone

On bayou teche
In the tall cane break
Full Moon she'll be
Dancin' with a snake

Took a lock of my hair
Piece of my nail
Mixed em' all up
Boiled em' in a pail

Now I can't breath
I don't sleep
I can't get
No relief

My baby took me
Down a voodoo river
Break the levee
Cos' I got to go with her
Out of my way
I gotta say
That strong gris-gris
Made a mess of me
Under a spell
A voodoo hex
Watch out boy
You might be next

Baby I don't know
But some place I read
She can change her shape
Be something else instead

Where I kissed her skin
Something in me died
All summmer I've been cold
Froze up inside

God knows my past
God know my fate
Pick a number Jack
Gonna have to wait

My nerves are shot
I feel stripped
I ain't no good
My back is whipped

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