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Rolene Lyrics

Moon Martin Rolene

Come on, operator
Gimme Rolene on my line
She know what I need
To ease a cravin in my spine

A cheerleaders smile
Tijuana style
Your daddy may be judge
Sure know how to nudge

All right, Rolene
Rolene, Rolene

Well, I`ve been living
So white and clean
That uh, Jack
It`s made me mean

Well, I need Rolene`s
Smooth, round thigh
Like a rush to get me high

I give it my best shot
Honey, all I got
My name may not be Hud
Show you I`m no dud

All right, Rolene
Rolene, Rolene

You know my baby`s love
Just like a sweet velvet glove
Honey, crack that whip
You make me bite my lip

All right, Rolene
Rolene, Rolene

I said R-o-l-e-n-e, Rolene

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