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Florence Lyrics

Monkey Swallows The Universe Florence

How'd I end up in this tiny room again with you and her
and them?
We know that everybody in here knows, so why d'you
still pretend?
I should go, though I don't want to
You're not helping, so I'm leaving
This is not how I like living

But you know I wouldn't be departing
If I knew when the fun was starting
You know it's so hard for me to leave tonight
I'm pretty sure that I'm not mistaken
I think you know how my heart is breaking
And yet you ask if I'm alright (la la la...)

I find myself thinking about you at funny times
When I should be busy sleeping and then it happens
I'm not ready for the workd in the morning without you
I find myself going over all the things you've said
Finding things to cling to so I don't lie here again
all the night

You know I wouldn't be here not sleeping
If I knew how your heart was beating
Tell me will you be lying awake too?
And there's no way I could be mistaken
So you must know how my heart is breaking
And yet I still don't hear from you (la la la...)

So here we are just you and me in the end
We know you are we saw you are it's all ok in the end
I don't know if I should take your hand

Cos maybe I should be declining
But when I'm with you the sun starts shining
I know that you didn't mean to f..ck me around
And all the hurt that you weren't intending
How quickly the cracks are mending
I guess I can forgive you now (la la la...)

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