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You Yesterday Lyrics

Album Name : The Bright Carvings
Release Date : 2006-02-28
Song Duration : 2:10

Monkey Swallows The Universe You Yesterday

You yesterday, you bought a bouquet
And you walked around town pretending that someone had
bought it for you
Just like in that dream that you once had
Then back at home, you talked on the phone
To the operator and the talking clock
You made dinner for two, drank all the wine and a good
time was had
Then you had a row, somehow you got jealous
So why do you talk to yourself?

You met an old friend
Then you complained about being alone, a face in the
And she told you to think about all the people who feel
the same as you
You took offence – you stand apart
There’s no one who could share the same kind of heart
And you told your old friend to stick her advice in a
place no sun could shine
And then you fell down, somehow you got dizzy
So why do you spin round and round?

Maybe tomorrow a finer day comes
When you stop lying there arresting your thumbs
The solitaire game that had lasted for weeks may
uncover the meaning of life
The Catherine wheels that spin in your eyes
Help you paint by numbers and sever the ties

Take a long breath before living expires and reveals
there’s nobody there
Hey, why don’t you say - say something worthwhile but
save it for somebody else

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