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The Hunt Lyrics

Album Name : InfraWarrior
Release Date : 2007-06-21
Song Duration : 6:36

Monica Richards The Hunt

The story is ancient...
I could speak of Love as if it had never before been
For to fall in love is to walk through a Golden Doorway
To see sights that were once listless and dull
Glow with Life.
To feel a Fire only known by those
New creatures at the next level of evolution...
Yet the story is ancient...
In every culture, there is the tale of a fabulous
That disappears in forests,
And a Young Man hunts with an Aimless arrow, or spear,
A bird is then wounded -
Or a deer, wounded -
Or A tiger, shot with arrow and wounded -
And as he runs to wear he shot the creature,
Instead, there lies a woman...
And I lay there, my heart ripped open.
The Desperation!
The ability to suddenly forsake all earlier convictions
To see now the meaninglessness of life's little demands
To let go of physical need and cast off material
comforts -
To be sick with Love, to shed a third, seventh, or
ninth skin -
To awaken the Sleeper -
The creature within that rages each night
Separated from its glowing, raging source of life -
To love as such, to be sick with Love,
Its black clouds gripping the hills of the high deserts
Like a dragon breathing smoke and fire -
Some seek only this
And fall to a living death when it collapses.
Or is this is the intention?

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