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Sedna Lyrics

Album Name : InfraWarrior
Release Date : 2007-06-21
Song Duration : 9:24

Monica Richards Sedna

From the corner of your eye, I may say I am with you.
Above the heads that look upward in disbelief.
I connect, disconnect, emote, reappear.
I don’t need to be known by the Universe.
I travel moment by moment - a star to every sky,
And We may answer any question put -
Like a vessel to the field of Knowledge
I was there and there
And now over here.
I was here and here
And now over there.
The fluttering of a thousand wings... The trampling of
a thousand hoofbeats...
The turning of a thousand heads... The silky silence of
flowing water...
Seamen may have heard until they turned their heads to
To see into the vast open endless answer.
I am with you.
I am with you.
What is it and why is it that this is what we all
desperately need:
Home. A place to rest, lay down our head.
Not knowing why but promised some reward - in the end.
A strange Maternal process.
The spell is neither Word nor Deed alone, it merely is.
A strange Maternal process.
Tears hot on my cheeks know no limits of feeling or
The sirens gone and the rivers dried up.
The invention of gunpowder compressed -
The silent feline not acknowledging the mirror.
A Fever -
Brightest when misunderstood.
The answer to a question felt but unheard.
Mother is the most important word.
Mother is the most important word.
Mother is the most important word.
Mother is the most important word.

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