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The New Decameron Lyrics

Album Name : The Little Red Songbook
Release Date : 1998-10-13
Song Duration : 1:44

Momus The New Decameron

In a time of plague
We were young and gay
And while money reigned
Minorities were wiped out every day
But we had tailors
We were getting famous

With the patronage of William Burroughs
And also Kathy Acker
Our pens would save the day

Singing 'tirra lirra tirra lirra tirra lirra gabba
gabba hey'

And our heroes were (and our heroes were)
Nightclub entrepreneurs (nightclub entrepreneurs)
Our novellas were
Metaphors and deconstructions
Who blow up their own buildings

While Reagan and Thatcher reigned we got famous
Not all of us survived
As happens in time of plague

Singing 'tirra lirra tirra lirra tirra lirra gabba
gabba hey'

In a gilded time (in a gilded time)
When death was king (death was king)
A group of authors
Began to write a new Decameron
Whose elegance
Bordered on the Florentine

And when the 90s came
We were immune to plague
To every known strain
Then along came Kurt Cobain

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