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She Dreamt Of New York Lyrics

Album Name : When It's Over I'll Come Back Again
Release Date : 2006-10-25
Song Duration : 2:20

Molotov Jive She Dreamt Of New York

Yeah I´m afraid it´s been her and not you
You´re coming down fast, well I´ve got news for you,
Cos you look just like the people who
Drink the same drink the same bar every night
Go out, shut your mouth, shut your face, pick a fight
You even dress the same way
Only your accent change

And you can waste your life with your TV shows
They will give you comfort when nothing else goes
It´s a perfect night for a midnight walk
< But she stayed at home and she dreamt of New York

And now all you are is a beautiful voice
But if you don´t use it to say what you feel you ain´t
got nothing to be
Except a person who thinks what the weatherman tells you
to think
The things that you own will end up owning you and you
know that it´s true
But you don´t care do you?

And you can waste...

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