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Hold Me Tight (like A Gun) Lyrics

Album Name : When It's Over I'll Come Back Again
Release Date : 2006-10-25
Song Duration : 5:29

Molotov Jive Hold Me Tight (like A Gun)

Hold me tight, like a gun
And please dont tell me we´ve already seen enough sun
Cos we both know, that aint true
Thats just something that we gotta do...

I rest my head in my hands
Dont want to listen so I stick my head into the sand
You stick around and count your toes
When we´re together nothing goes

I think about this girl I saw
Who had tears painted on her cheeks and did this
And she was good bu we all laughed
Now I guess I feel ashamed

And about this friend who used to care
He signed up and the military cut his hair
He moved away but did not complain
He said: When I´ts over I´ll come back again

I remember speed and the lights were red
And Lucy in the sky was echoing through my head
You just got the card and we raced the streets
I felt my weight against the seat.

The prettiest girl I ever saw
She said this town brought her down and it made her
She sold jeans in this clothing store
So I bought two pairs I could not afford

And Mr Polaroid and Mr Tambourine
and all other teachers who never quite belived in me
< They stood and stared, I shook my head
But it wasn´t like I ever cared

I think of when we met, I felt alone
Seems like I´ve spent half my life talking to you on
the phone
All things you had to do, they made you sigh
I said all we have to do is die
And I told you ´bout this time I flew
When me and Johnny were going down to Liverpool
And we almoust crashed
It just made me appriciate my life

And I´ll remember you when the wind comes in
we used to hate the smell of coffee in the morning
You got nothing to do but
You know you cant move until this town is through with

So hold me tight like a gun
And please dont tell me we´ve already seen enough sun
Cos we both know that it´s alright
It´s the stuff that get us through the night

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