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Man Of The Year Lyrics

Moistboyz Man Of The Year

You think you're a jew well himey I'm a priest
You think you got money your balls are at my feast
Spittin' on my palm before I shake your hand
I'll drag the whore of babylon across your holy land
Look at all your wenches I got more madonna
You can suck my callused heels if you really wanna
You with an olive branch and chewin' on your nova
King of matzo fireballs when I pass over
Call me suave mundi, call me p-rex
I got pope-alactics little boys and sex
Burning all your joys like a san francisco friar
Put down your holy cards 'cuz I can take you higher

Boiled all the cyanide in your unleavened head
Zyklon B'd your ass away and swept you out your bed
Mr Hitler's telephone hooked up all your numbers
F..cked your children with a diamond cross while your
momma suffered
Baby I'm a roman well rabbi can't you see
Been raking in the shekels since you had leprosy
Benito mussolini and harry truman too
Everybody's ready heavy got to kill a jew
You call it israel I call it palestine
Call it a holocaust but I'm having such a good time
I can buy you hanukkah and take you for a whirl
That's the way it is when you're the king of the world

Now i'm old and polished white and pouting with a sneer
Empowered with my marbled eyes of which you're so
If you got a prayer then make it loud and clear
'cuz I've got no time I'm the man of the year

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