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Carjack Lyrics

Album Name : Live Jihad
Release Date : 2006-05-02
Song Duration : 4:55

Moistboyz Carjack

Got kids in the back
I'm on the attack
Your windows closed
who cares if one gets cracked?
Got Whiplash - your head hit the dash
Look at my face fool, yeah
I'm the mack

Carjack (Man you ain't ever comin' back)

Sneak my block? You gotta be kiddin' me.
Got both my eyes locked to your Inifiniti
Your stereo sucks that's why I'll prolly chuck it
Pull that stupid bitch out the bucket. FUCK IT!

Lock your door bitch
like it really f..ckin matters
goin for a ride bitch - bitch, f..ck you bitch!
stuck at the light
what a f..cked up situation
pickin up your kid at the f..ckin' train station.

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