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Through Loopholes With Love Lyrics

Album Name : You Can't Say No Forever (Vinyl)
Release Date : 2006-03-03
Song Duration : 9:27

Moi Caprice Through Loopholes With Love

We used to fight the dying light - a dream defies all
Back in bed your schoolboy head was twisted with this
Some words read and others said in order to endeavor.
The hardest one you’ve ever done cannot be said forever.
The time schoolboys spend kissing is the best ever spent.
Now the poles are all missing and the lips came and went.
And you find yourself somewhere between party and grave.
Yes, you might still be singing, but your pale lips do
Through loopholes with love.
Like a shoe needs another,
like a book needs a cover to get by,
we’ll get by through loopholes with love.
And time, this little teaser, is a bird in your hand.
The morbidest of angels who refuses to land.
Still she’ll leave like no other, like a fan leaves a
through loopholes with love.
We used to light the dying fight, the plan turned out too
So no more talk! The longest walk is that between a bar
and the next.

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