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Daisies Lyrics

Album Name : Daisies & Beatrice
Release Date : 2007-05-08
Song Duration : 3:13

Moi Caprice Daisies

Daisies cuddle up in dreams like they're babies,
brittle birds can't always be ladies,
but when it's done it'll all be lost and gone,

and lately caroling the air you enslave me,
once you used to bring me down safely,
but when you land it'll all be great again,

and strangely I oppressed the augurs so shady,
but no one closed their eyes as to save me... at all
I thought you would follow me into those dreams
I knew you had called on me, so where are those themes...

What is the meaning of moving along when it's gone?
What is the meaning of moving along when it's done?
What is the meaning of proving I'm right when it's wrong?
And what is the meaning of running so fast when it's


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